Wheel End Tools

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Kiene Disc Brake Hub Handler
Part Number: K-1380
Price: $895.00
Kiene Axle Shaft Removal Tool
Part Number: K-1280
Price: $210.00
Kiene: Spring Brake 3rd Hand Tool
Part Number: K-1309
Price: $95.00
Kiene Hub Socket for Wheel Grabber
Part Number: WW21
Price: $225.00
Kiene: Hub Oil Seal Puller
Part Number: K-1295
Price: $95.00
Kiene Brake Lining Gauge
Part Number: K-1390
Price: $50.00
Kiene Foldable Tire Lifter
Part Number: K-1353
Price: $195.00
Kiene: Wheel Whiz Hub-Piloted Wheel Puller
Part Number: WW2000
Price: $2,775.00
Kiene Brake Drum Puller Adapter
Part Number: K1356
Price: $645.00
Kiene Pulling Chains For Wheel Grabber
Part Number: WW-210
Price: $225.00
Kiene Wheel Grabber
Part Number: K-1350
Price: $1,575.00
Kiene Wheel Grabber Extender
Part Number: K-1350-1-EXT
Price: $119.00
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